“Being a witness to our rapidly changing world is particularly poignant for an artist inspired by nature. Just painting the beauty of life has become a frustration. I am getting the uneasy feeling that, like the cavemen in the distant past, I am painting subjects that will not exist in our very near future. It has become important to me to paint the ‘big picture’ –the relationship between different species and their environments. The story of our time.”
–Julie Askew
Source: Lifeline – Painting the bigger picture, Stanford University MAHB


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From the Studio

Lifeline 7 - in progress - Details

Lifeline 7 explores the effect of an insect 
population crash


Julie Askew is now Proudly sponsored by Pink Pig Sketchbooks.

"I have used Pink Pigs for years and am often asked which sketchbooks I use and why - , these are great quality and strong for tough fieldwork, with versatile paper that takes pen, pencil, watercolour and acrylics, even pretty thick paint holds very well." - Julie Askew

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What is LIFELINE /


As modern man impacts on the natural world, what is the effect on  indigenous peoples who rely on nature to survive?
How has the balance changed and what is the impact on the nature and wildlife that surrounds them?

These are the questions Earth Expeditions aim to answer

Earth EXPEDITIONS - with local experts - Biology, Culture and Art.
Lifeline PAINTINGS - show the findings
Earth Projects- spread the word
Lifeline Films- experience the journey

​2018 OMAN

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Ian Redmond OBE

Lifeline artist Julie Askew research sketching in the Great-Bear Rainforest, Canada

Announcing our Patron

Lifeline is proud and delighted to announce
and welcome our
 Patron Ian Redmond OBE
“I am a naturalist by birth, a biologist by training,
and a conservationist by necessity"

Ian Redmond is a tropical field biologist and conservationist, renowned for his work with great apes and elephants. For more than 35 years he has been associated with Mountain Gorillas, through research, filming, tourism and conservation work.  He has served as Ambassador for the UN Year of the Gorilla in 2009 and for the UNEP Convention on Migratory Species since 2010.


The Earth Projects include

mentoring students, lectures and demonstrations.

Lifeline artist Julie Askew has over twenty years experience in teaching and lecturing internationally.

Affiliated with


Proudly affiliated with 
The Nature in Art Museum UK

Meet our Guest Artist

Guest Artist

Earth Expedition
Oman 2018

Salim Al Salami

Please see the Sponsors and Experts page for Salims' Biography.

Meet Our Experts

Meet our Experts
 Earth Expedition
 Oman 2018

Field biologist  
Office for Conservaton & Enviromnent 

Waheed Al-Fazari

Please view the Sponsors and Experts page for Waheeds' Biography