Lifeline Earth

“Being a witness to our rapidly changing world is particularly poignant for an artist inspired by nature. Just painting the beauty of life has become a frustration. I am getting the uneasy feeling that, like the cavemen in the distant past, I am painting subjects that will not exist in our very near future. It has become important to me to paint the ‘big picture’ –the relationship between different species and their environments. The story of our time.”
–Julie Askew
Source: Lifeline – Painting the bigger picture, Stanford University MAHB

Lifeline 6


Lifeline 6 In Progress


Lifeline 6  - Detail
This piece is exploring our link with birds ( East African ) and our legacy for future generations.

On Location - Tanzania

 Julies field sketchbooks

 Field work is a vital part of creating the Lifeline Earth Paintings.
Field sketchbooks give raw reference and bring a sense of place to the artist in the studio.