“Being a witness to our rapidly changing world is particularly poignant for an artist inspired by nature. Just painting the beauty of life has become a frustration. I am getting the uneasy feeling that, like the cavemen in the distant past, I am painting subjects that will not exist in our very near future. It has become important to me to paint the ‘big picture’ –the relationship between different species and their environments. The story of our time.”
–Julie Askew
Source: Lifeline – Painting the bigger picture, Stanford University MAHB


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Lifeline 4

Lifeline 4
Juried into the Society of Animal Artists 57th Annual 'Art of the Animal' at the Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum NJ. USA  and National Tour 2017

"A cherished symbol of luck and longevity
 - the status of the Red Crowned Crane is Endangered despite some conservation success.
I have used colours with meaning in Japan to highlight the story of this piece.
Black - mystery.
 Yellow - courage and beauty.
 White - death.
Green - ( the lifeline )  eternal life..
Red - danger or life.
If we look away just for a moment, even our most cherished cultural and historic wildlife symbols will become just a story from the past" - Julie Askew

Observation is the first step to preservation

Photographs on location in Japan